Sunday, February 26, 2006

+ shake your goove thing +

i dont have to groove nowadays...ZZZzzz... Wala akong masyadong work sa office dahil natapos ko na ang aking trabaho, kaya ganon.. as a matter of fact...ginagawa ko ang work ng mga ka officemates ko na ang babagal mag trabaho. And they don't know how to say thank you in return...deadma!...ika nga if you cannot beat them, work their jobs! we have deadlines ( who has not?) but they dont take it seriously. kaya ang nangyayari, ako at ang aming manager ang gumagawa ng trabaho nila...GREAT!

No gimik on thursday. We had dinner lang at best fish and watch DVD, sleep at 11pm...o diba? Friday is another story, 1pm nasa kalye na kaming apat (joi & his relatives). lunch at bbq street side, malling, coffee at cinnzeo, dentist, dinner at central cafe. watched PBB at the living room and In her shoes movie at our bedroom ( i like this movie, very touching and with moral lesson)...tumatanda na talaga kami ni joi...i can feel it and he feels it too...

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