Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sixth cup of coffee Prince

song of sixth cup of coffee prince, enjoy!


I didn’t know at first
why your gaze, looking at me
made me feel so flustered
I always wanted to ask
if you understood just a little of my feelings
although I never told you

Now I know, how you were as lost
and wandering as I was
How you hurt so much, it kept you from sleep
Hold my hand,
I won’t let go of you again
I love you, as long as I breathe…

Things stood still
when you, who’d always treated me coldly,
smiled at me that day

Now I know, how you were as lost
and wandering as I was
How you hurt so much, it kept you from sleep
Hold my hand,
don’t let go of me
I love you, till the day I close my eyes in rest

I won’t cry
Now that you’re by my side
Thank you…
for giving me the gift of you

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malaine said...
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evi said...

hey malaine... thank you dito sa update mo kasi naghahanap ako ng bagong korean series na pwede kong panoorin. natapos ko na yung only you, princess hours, my girl, full house... kalimutan ko na yung iba. meron pa ba?

anyway, ganda itong song na to.

malaine said...

wow! adiktus ka na rin pala sa korean ha? hehee

ay! grabe manood ka nyan talaga, as in nakakatuwa, promise!

ann said...

Hello Malaine! Sa tfc meron na rin korean telenovela di ba? Kaya lang luma na yata yun eh no?

malaine said...

hi ann! luma na nga siguro ang mga yon...di ko lang sure kasi wala kaming TFC hehehe...

nood ka na lang sa veoh daming korean don as in!

iskoo said...

sarap ma inlove.. sayang di ko marinig ang tune.

Rey said...

Murag mas romantic naman ka ron, mel. :)

EmmaJohnson said...

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idealpinkrose said...

hi ate malaine...oo naman wag lang sa May, June or July kasi plan din naming lumabas ng bansa ni hubby next year.

sayang natapos na ang coffee prince...ang ganda pa naman ng drama kaya lang ang iksi.