Saturday, May 06, 2006

+ Mission not Impossible +

3 days more to go! Hello, Philippines! Hello Mosquitos & Hello Parties! am i excited? nah, ah! halata ba? hahaha! for 5 yrs! 5 yrs of absence in my beloved country, sino ba naman ang di ma e excite diba? Pasalubongs, check. Tickets, check. Baggages, check, Money, check. ready get set go na kami ni joi, yey! but before that syempre since weekend dito kahapon and nong thurs. naki party muna kami sa kababayan ni joi last thursday night. after that party we headed to another house, kita-kits na naman kami ng mga weekend berks namin till 2:30am.

Kahapon, morning pa lang nasa mall na kami ni joi, walang ligo and all hahaha! who cares by the way? we bought our MI:3 tickets and had our lunch at the foodcourt and bought some last minute pasalubongs. 5pm nasa Thai snack bar kami for our despedida treat for them. after early dinner nag kape muna dahil 9pm pa yong movie. What can i say about MI:3? WOW! as usual super action, hi-tech packed movie and may konting drama din. J.J. Abrams ( Creator of Lost) did a good job.

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