Sunday, January 02, 2005

++ me and my new year wishes ++

The following are my personal and not so personal wishes this 2005 :

++ to loose at least 5kls. or 12lbs.

++ to eat less junkfoods , those salty ones ( those are my fave foods of all time!)

++ to buy at least one pair of tops or jeans/slacks...every month... sale or not sale that is the question?

++ to buy stuffs for pasalubong to our long awaited 2005 vacation

++ not to be divisive

++ to buy a brand new car! year....perhaps...although the bank has sent me a pre-approved car loan application worth Qrs 75,000 -- in dollar divided by 3.64 --and in pesos times 15.00...u'll do the math....

thats all for the meantime...


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